Managing 40+ Servers in a Data Center at a Medical University

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Maciej Delmanowski

In this episode of Running in Production, Maciej Delmanowski talks about building out a 40+ server / 200+ VM data center with Ansible. It’s hosted on premises, he’s been working on it all since 2007 and started using Ansible in 2013.

Maciej talks about automating everything with Ansible, being a sysadmin for over a decade, how he picked Debian, splitting up a project into 120+ git repos and then back to 1, writing 60k+ lines of YAML, using Linux Containers, maintaining an open source project and more.

Topics Include

  • 2:35 – There’s about 40 physical servers and 200+ virtual machines / containers
  • 4:50 – Transitioning to using Ansible over time
  • 7:40 – A 10+ year friendship stemming from Debian and open source
  • 8:23 – How Ansible’s role and inventory abstractions help manage a lot of VMs
  • 10:35 – How DebOps as a name came into existence and its philosophy on being stable
  • 14:24 – Motivation for choosing and staying with Debian
  • 15:31 – Figuring out what new Ansible roles and playbooks to work on
  • 19:14 – Going from a mono repo to 120+ repos and then back to a mono repo
  • 24:48 – 67,000+ lines of YAML and 40,000+ lines of documentation
  • 26:28 – Setting up a brand new server with Ansible and DebOps hands free in 15 minutes
  • 28:29 – Automatically generating random passwords for services
  • 31:22 – Not having to deal with HIPAA compliance laws and handling student emails
  • 34:01 – Let’s Encrypt is being used on specific publicly accessible servers
  • 34:26 – Breaking down the process of creating a new role from scratch
  • 36:39 – Using Linux Containers in development and rolling things out to production
  • 41:41 – Using dnsmasq in development for fully qualified domain names
  • 43:07 – Dealing with backing everything up
  • 46:02 – Being a maintainer of an open source project that’s extracted from work
  • 49:19 – Best tips? Have 1 role for 1 service and find ways to connect them
  • 51:26 – Check out DebOps, it’s on GitHub, #debops on Libera and Maciej is on Twitter
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Jul 12, 2021

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