TextDB Is a Simple Way to Share Small Amounts of Data

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In this episode of Running in Production, Ian Davidson goes over building a data sharing service using Phoenix and Elixir. It’s using Live View too. At its peak the site received a spike of 10k+ requests in a day and it’s hosted on a $20 / month DigitalOcean server.

Ian talks about quickly building the app, reacting quickly to add user requested features, using DigitalOcean for the first time, some pitfalls of using Live View / websockets when it comes to configuring nginx and more.

Topics Include

  • 1:35 – Motivation for using Phoenix, Elixir and Live View
  • 4:14 – How the site works, it saves data to a combination of PostgreSQL and the file system
  • 5:48 – The experience of developing the app with Phoenix Live View
  • 8:42 – Adding features quickly based on user feedback
  • 11:13 – It’s an open source monolithic code base sitting in 1 git repo on GitHub
  • 14:43 – nginx is sitting in front of the cowboy server and terminals SSL
  • 16:57 – It’s hosted on DigitalOcean for $20 / month (2 vCPUs and 4 GB of RAM)
  • 18:56 – The OS is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and DigitalOcean’s automated backups are on
  • 20:17 – The server was set up and configured manually without using Elixir releases too
  • 22:36 – The deployment process from development to production
  • 26:41 – The BEAM takes about 5 seconds to restart which is a bit of down time
  • 28:50 – DigitalOcean’s Cloud Firewall is being used along with their monitoring tools
  • 32:00 – nginx is taking care of basic rate limiting by IP address
  • 34:20 – Best tips? Phoenix is a great choice for side projects but beware of websockets
  • 36:11 – Not having end to end tests before launching was kind of a mistake
  • 37:34 – Check out the site at https://textdb.dev/
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Feb 01, 2021

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