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Preview of What's to Come

    In this episode of Running in Production, Nick briefly talks about the goal of this podcast which is to have developers / engineers on the show who are running any web application in production. Guests will go into why they chose their tech stack, lessons learned and everything in between.

    Show Notes

    • 0:41 – A site to learn details about how folks are running their site in production
    • 1:13 – Are you a developer / engineer who runs a site in production? Become a guest
    • 1:25 – From small side projects to massive sites at scale, everyone is welcome
    • 1:52 – There’s also email based interviews if you want to do that instead
    • 2:10 – I can really use your help getting this site off the ground (I’m not kidding!)


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    Oct 18, 2019

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