Avo Is a Framework for Creating Ruby on Rails Admin Panels

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Adrian Marin

In this episode of Running in Production, Adrian Marin goes over building a Ruby on Rails admin framework. It’s hosted on Heroku and has been available since late 2020.

Adrian talks about building a Rails engine, using Stripe Checkout, building the admin out with Hotwire Turbo, using View Component, creating a very automated CI / CD pipeline to publish the gem and much more.

Topics Include

  • 6:38 – Motivation for using Ruby on Rails
  • 8:57 – The gem does phone home on a 1 hour interval
  • 11:33 – The gem is using Hotwire Turbo but the product site is not
  • 13:10 – Handling billing with Stripe’s Checkout page and a few Rails gems
  • 16:43 – Publishing a Rails engine with its own assets
  • 21:10 – Using Hotwire Turbo to build the admin dashboard
  • 26:30 – What it was like migrating the app from Vue to Turbo
  • 31:49 – Using View Component to help improve Rails partial performance
  • 39:21 – Postgres is being used as the database and Redis for caching
  • 42:30 – What is Hotjar, how it’s being used and extracting features
  • 46:36 – From Notion to Linear to using GitHub to help manage the project
  • 49:44 – Using Heroku for hosting and what delayed job is being used for
  • 54:55 – What it’s like deploying the site and the gem
  • 1:01:19 – Performing database backups? Maybe, maybe not!
  • 1:03:57 – Best tips? Start building and launch as soon as possible
  • 1:06:06 – The gem has an open source version that’s very usable
  • 1:07:03 – Check out https://avohq.io/ and Adrian is on Twitter
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Jul 05, 2021

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