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In this episode of Running in Production, Jared Chung talks about building a community platform with Django and Python. It’s hosted on AWS and has been up and running in production since 2011. The beta version was intially built during a 4 day hackaton.

Jared talks about taking advantage of Django’s batteries included, heavily using Celery / Redis and hosting the main web app on a single EC2 instance. Their AWS bill is roughly $2,500 a month.

Topics Include

  • 3:59 – Building a beta version of the site during a 4 day hackathon
  • 5:38 – Motivation for picking Django and Python
  • 10:11 – Leaning heavily on the built in Django admin and other libraries
  • 12:24 – Mostly server rendered Django templates with a touch of React
  • 16:03 – It’s mostly a monolithic app but it has a few services pulled out
  • 20:54 – PostgreSQL is the main database and Celery / Redis is heavily used
  • 24:58 – gunicorn + Caddy, Route53 for DNS and a load balancer, Docker end to end
  • 27:45 – Tens of thousands of lines of code, ~3,500 files and good test coverage
  • 31:11 – Webpack is being used to handle the front-end assets (SASS and ES6 JS)
  • 34:36 – Static files are cached on CloudFront and in general development is pretty hard
  • 39:07 – RDS is being used and the production web app has 4 vCPUs & 16GB of RAM on EC2
  • 42:46 – New Relic, PagerDuty and Sentry are being used for monitoring and alerts
  • 46:11 – There’s no configuration management tools being used to set up the EC2 server
  • 48:13 – Going from developing a feature to deploying it into production
  • 53:56 – RDS is configured for backups and there’s a lot of backing up in general
  • 55:39 – Storing ~200k questions each having 10-20 DB rows + 120k registered users
  • 56:32 – Their AWS bill fluctuates between $2,000 and $3,000 USD per month
  • 58:29 – Best tips? There’s a lot to learn out there but focus on keeping your users happy
  • 1:00:28 – Want to volunteer? Contact them at
  • is on Twitter, facebook and Instagram - so is Jared
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Jan 11, 2021

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